We know how to be still and listen - it may be a lost art, but it is native to us as human beings.

We can learn how to pause, and to ask our most essential questions, in the space that stillness and listening creates. Our essential questions, to me, point to what is unique about the human quest - our capacity to locate ourselves in our own journey and to articulate what is just at the edge of what we know and are yet to discover.

Discovering the art of stillness brings us into close contact with what is most essential in our lives.  When we get quiet and listen, we find ourselves right at the frontier of our moment-to-moment experience. We face directly what before we were unwilling to see. We start to become more compassionate and develop self-awareness and whole-heartedness in our daily lives, as old patterns fall away and new ways of being emerge. Clarity and transformation come naturally, impacting the environments we inhabit, from relationships to work. But this requires dedication.

To paraphrase the poet and leadership consultant David Whyte, we learn in doing this work to "hazard ourselves" to the unfolding conversation of our lives. This takes vulnerability, courage, and a willingness to be surprised!

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions based on my own synthesis of years of mentoring with psychologist Richard Miller, PhD, and psychotherapist John Prendergast, PhD, combined with my experience training teachers in the mindfulness and leadership development field. Wherever you are in your life - if you are interested in exploring your direct experience, uncovering blind spots, working with challenging life situations, or learning how to incorporate meditation into your life - my sessions provide a way for you to ease into your process and discover what the art of stillness offers you. 

I also consult with companies who want to bring the art of stillness - in the form of mindfulness and emotional intelligence training - into their organizational environment. Please contact kellyfaithboys@gmail.com for further information.